Eime Tobari

Dr Eime Tobari is Social Value Strategist. Her mission is to drive positive change for the sustainability of cities and places with a particular focus on social wellbeing, such as health, equity, social cohesion and cultural identity. She guides public and private sector organisations in real estate and urban planning in developing and implementing social value strategies.

Eime has previously worked at London-based consultancy firms including a global firm AECOM and Space Syntax. She has been involved in various international projects of all scales from a redevelopment of a laboratory building in Berlin to a masterplan of a regeneration area in Milan to a design of a new city in China. Her teams used urban analytics to inform decisions in those projects, enabling an outcome-oriented approach.

She has two PhDs (Architecture and Sociology) and a unique set of expertise across architecture, urban planning, sociology and data analytics; and rich international consultancy and capacity building experience in real estate and urban development.

Eime is engaged in education as a guest lecturer and a course tutor at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership (CISL). She is also a co-chair of UK ULI Infrastructure and Urban Development Council and a vice co-chair of UrbanOvation ESG Forum.